Sunday, November 26, 2006

Whew...finally finished!

Okay, 1980 WAS a pretty good year overall. I graduated high school, hadn't yet gotten my Flock of Seagulls hairdo, and had my whole life in front of me:-) However, I just couldn't live with our old circa 1980 powder room with it's brushed stainless vanity, chrome bijou light bar, and grey fixtures (left) any more. Only problem is, our crumbling master bath and sagging foundation are a much higher priority, especially in terms of the budget. What's a creative-but-budget-challenged girl to do?

After a little thought and research, I decided to try making my own wallpaper. What looks nice with grey and silver? Hmmm. Something purplish...yeah, that's the ticket! Unrolled some nice craft paper, slathered and spattered on a few coats of plum, grey and white glazes, then hit it with a little black Spray Webbing. While this was drying, I used my favorite old cheap, hairy paintbrush and scrubbed on a mixture of half dusky plum-c0lored paint and half glaze (plus a squirt of silver to grey it down a bit). Then, I tore my painted paper into largish irregular pieces and covered one wall (left side in photo below).

When I started tearing and pasting the paper, I struggled to decide about the tear lines. Should I re-tear so that none of the brown craft paper would show? Ultimately DH helped me decide that it actually gave a rather interesting faux-marble effect...if there were such a thing as plummy marble, of course. Plays off the faux-marble floor tiles, too.

After allowing the paint to cure and sleeping on it, I decided the painted walls were a bit too dark and flat so I mixed up a little Interference Blue in a lot of glaze and scrubbed this on over the painted walls. Now they have a slight silvery-blue sheen when the light hits them a certain way. Boy, my arm and shoulder muscles got a serious workout with all this glaze-scrubbing!

The cherry on top is the slight touch of silver foil that I heat-transferred to tiny areas of the spray webbing. A couple of chunky canvas collages and a few accessories and we're like, wow...2000-something. Hopefully this won't have to tide us over for too many more decades. Now if you have any cheap ideas for making over that light bar, send 'em my way!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Happy-happy, joy-joy....I finished up yesterday afternoon and I am now on Thanksgiving break until classes resume on the 20th! While I'm (mostly) enjoying it, I do miss the freedom to do stuff I want. And to kick things off, DH is flying south for a long weekend so I have the next few days all to myself. After getting him packed and off to the office this morning I've enjoyed a second cup of coffee while blog-surfing and watching the golden leaves blow off the tree outside my window. Forecast for the weekend is chilly and drizzly, possibly changing over to snow. Perfect for my plans!

Tonight I get to go to a workshop with friends in the nearby hamlet of Lapeer and make a "holiday dangle", which I may post later. Tomorrow I'm off to deliver goods to my buddy Rosie for the upcoming show at the Mt. Clemens art center and, since she's over halfway-there, I simply must make a stop in the charming village of Romeo. Hoping to snag some German glass glitter if they have any left. And Saturday I get to collect DD on the way to my dear friend Patrice's trunk show at The Stamping Grounds. Since that's my birthday, I hope DD will indulge my desire to dine at one of the great-but-unusual restuarants in Royal Oak before a shoe-shopping jaunt. I know she'll be happy about the shopping part since she has a ton of her own birthday bucks to spend!

In between all these little treks I have two books I'm dying to read and of course plan to spend a goodly amount of time in the studio. I owe a ton of returns and thank-you's, have a swap due on Tuesday, and need to get started on some goodies for my Secret Sister parcel.

Okay, I've reached the bottom of my coffee cup so it's time to get dressed and get started. Yippee!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm now the mom of a sweet 16!

This weekend my DD celebrated another milestone. She has become such a lovely young lady...see for yourself!

At the top of her birthday wish-list? Getting her ears pierced for the second time. She was so anxious that the gals at the store offered to double-up and do both sides at once so she wouldn't back out while she was half-done.

Friday, November 10, 2006

I am SO excited!!!

This is a flyer for an event that I am just thrilled to be a part of. (I have removed the color in the hopes it might be easier for you to read. ) It's printable...just click on it.

A lovely lady called Linnet Walla presents a juried showcase of art items quarterly. It's called VOILA (a clever play on her name) and she's accepted some of my pieces for her holiday show this month! She opens her gorgeous home and displays all the work in a really wonderful way. I was just dazzled by the quality and diversity of the items she selected for her last show so I couldn't be more flattered to be included this time. Thanks, Linnet!

If you live in my area, this is a faboo opportunity for some out-of-the-ordinary Christmas shopping.

I made this!

Thought I'd put up a few things I've been squeezing in between school and family stuff recently.
These ATCs are made from flattened aluminum cans dyed with alcohol inks. The dolls have heads of smashed bottle caps, Rummikube torsos, dyed safety pins for arms and framer's turns for feet. This is about as "dolly" as I could get for a paper doll-themed swap. Wish I'd scanned one individually so you could see it in focus...dimensional stuff just won't scan sharply. Sigh...I'm so techno-impaired.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mid-November already!

Wow...over a month since my last post. (Kinda sounds like something you'd hear in a confessional, huh?) Where DOES the time go? I have been so busy with school and just trying to keep things afloat around here. Fall has been a rollercoaster weatherwise but I am so thankful to be living in a region with four full seasons. Growing up on the Gulf Coast we had only two---hot and muggy interrupted by a few fleeting days of either crisp and cool or else deep freeze (usually accompanied by ice). I miss many things about Texas but the weather ain't one of 'em!

My daughter is turning 16 today! Hard to believe but she's almost as tall as I am and is really becoming a young woman. We will have our official celebration tomorrow but she's very much on my mind today. Off to look for a special cake recipe...