Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mid-November already!

Wow...over a month since my last post. (Kinda sounds like something you'd hear in a confessional, huh?) Where DOES the time go? I have been so busy with school and just trying to keep things afloat around here. Fall has been a rollercoaster weatherwise but I am so thankful to be living in a region with four full seasons. Growing up on the Gulf Coast we had only two---hot and muggy interrupted by a few fleeting days of either crisp and cool or else deep freeze (usually accompanied by ice). I miss many things about Texas but the weather ain't one of 'em!

My daughter is turning 16 today! Hard to believe but she's almost as tall as I am and is really becoming a young woman. We will have our official celebration tomorrow but she's very much on my mind today. Off to look for a special cake recipe...

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