Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, this is a red-letter day! Today is the day that I make my last trek to the Post Office and send off my final packages of the season. Every year at this time I'm wrapping gifts, foraging for that just-right box, and fretting about whether I've forgotten anyone. You'd think I'd have wised up a bit by now and start earlier but no, not me!

To tell the truth, I actually adore wrapping presents. It's the mailing part that stresses me. Now I can really have some fun with the gifts that stay here or will be hand-delivered. No worries about keeping things flat!

Here's a pic of a birthday gift I'm mailing today. I think it's kinda purty in spite of its flatness. Hope the recipient thinks so, too!


vican100 said...

Marilyn....Marilyn...Marilyn....Every time I sit down to e-mail you...something happens!!! If you looked on my would have seen that I got my package! AND how much I adore everything!! You are a sly one girl! How in the heck did you get a Oregon postmark from MI. ??????? I am going to e-mail you...and I'm adding your blog to my favorites! HUGS, Vicci

vican100 said...

Oh and Marilyn!!! I also love fruitcake....and brussel fact that is on my Christmas menu! We will have to share recipes! XO...V

Cheryl said...

I LOVED it!!! Richard studied the paper for ages trying to tell if you made it or not. I have disected the whole thing so that I can use it all in other projects....except the tag which hangs over my desk so I can see it whenever I work. :-) Thanks soooo much!