Friday, December 01, 2006

Ready or not...'s here. It's official. It's December. Don't know about you but I waded through Thanksgiving in a sort of surreal fog. It just didn't "feel" like Thanksgiving. Don't know if it was the warm weather or my biological clock or what. I admit, I was sorta dreading Christmas.

Had to make a trek to the Post Office late yesterday afternoon. I decided to hit the one in the little village of Clarkston rather than my usual one, which is in a strip center next door to a huge mall. The traffic around there is bad all times of the year. Anyway, I really lucked out as the village was all decked out in its old-fashioned holiday duds and lots of the little mom & pop shops were conducting a holiday open house. I had a great time strolling about in the drizzle, gazing at all the unique lovelies while listening to diverse seasonal music & enjoying sample bites of this & that. Kicked my December off just right! A major cold front blew in last night, coating everything in a sparkly, glassy tunic. I savored my morning coffee with my first slice of Panettone of the year and started a pot of stock (turkey, of course) in preparation for tonight's soup. It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas! Hope you stumble onto some Christmas cheer, too.

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