Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My review of the UHU Glue Roller

Okay, I've played with this nifty tool for a few days now. I LOVE the mechanics of this product. It's the best adhesive applicator I've tried to date. It operates perfectly every time, with no skipping or bunching and you need very little pressure to apply the adhesive so it would be great for those with arthritis or other limitations. I was glad to see that it's also refillable.

However, I am pretty disappointed with the actual adhesive itself, which is made up of tiny little sticky dots that dispense in a continuous line. It works just fine to adhere very smooth and lightweight papers but it wouldn't make a good initial bond on papers with high fiber content. Heavy papers came unstuck and the product wouldn't adhere to Fantasy Film at all. So I'd recommend this adhesive highly for use in office settings, as an envelope adhesive, or for projects involving only light, smooth papers. Might be great for giftwrapping...I'll try that next.

My guess is that, since this is a refillable product, it would be a simple matter to either improve the adhesive itself or else UHU will introduce another, higher-tack refill. It would be a shame to have developed such a great-performing applicator without a great adhesive for it to dispense.

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