Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fall Already

To celebrate the glorious weather and nip in the air, DH and I ventured out after our early morning walk for breakfast and a visit to a cider mill in nearby Franklin, MI today. Turns out, almost all the property around the mill has been sold off so it's far too crowded to have much scenic appeal and it was quite busy and expensive. However, it's always a treat to visit the tiny village of Franklin, which still manages to be scenic and charming. And because I well remember how scarce fall colors, not to mention cooler temps, can be in my childhood home along the Texas Gulf Coast, I'm posting a picture here for ya'll's enjoyment. Wish I could share a real fall treat from Michigan, the fantastic locally-grown Honey Crisp apples.

Here's some more gorgeous color. We're on a mission to visit every cider mill in the area because we've only made it to a handful in the three years we've been here. No telling where hubby's next job will lead us so gotta strike while the iron's hot. Errr...while the cider's fresh? No, make that while the doughnuts are hot. Warm apple doughnuts are good almost anywhere!
I cleared out my big pot o' color on the front porch yesterday and hauled it in for the winter. Now my little old apple cart is out but only has a bunch of Indian corn on it so far. Maybe we'll find a reasonably-priced pumpkin patch after church tomorrow.
Hope you're able to find some events or sights to mark the changing of the seasons wherever you are.

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Kristie said...

I was at the Franklin cider mill just a few days ago myself! Those are my favorite donughts of all the cider mill donughts (and I've sampled MANY!)~espcially when they'r hot.
Enjoy your tour of the cider mills!