Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poor Darcy!

Somehow or other Miss Darcy Blue managed to blow out her ACL last week, just as DH was getting ready to head for PA. Because it was a full rupture, the reconstructive surgery was MAJOR. Here she is the day after coming home.After a few days, the swelling is much improved and the Fentanyl patch (which was stapled to her skin...OUCH!) has been removed. She is on very close confinement for the next 8-16 weeks, depending on her recovery. She must walk on-leash even indoors and is only allowed outside for very brief potty breaks. I have to use a belly-band to help her down the 3 steps to outside and to cross the tiled floors and she can't go upstairs, to the basement, or jump onto her usual hangout on the couch, thus the glum expression.
This is how she spends most of her time when I'm home, alternating between sleeping and giving me poor-pitiful-dog looks. She does not understand why she has to stay in jail when I'm sleeping or at school. Even though I've had to cut her food portions in half, I can see that she's already gaining weight due to all this inactivity. Poor baby! Now who's going to keep all those pesky geese out of the yard?

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