Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's beginning to look like That Time of Year

The three of us had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving at home. DH surprised me by agreeing to turn in early (he's a charter member of the Midnight Oil Burner's Brigade)and get up at dawn-thirty the day after to hit Kohls post-turkey sale. We thought we were so good rolling up to Kohls at 6am, only to find the parking lot of the entire shopping center SWARMING with cars and people. We were stunned to find that the 2 checkout lines ran around both side aisles and met at the back of the store.

Taking a deep gulp, each with a copy of our needy family's wish list in hand, we plowed into the crowd. It was so much fun! Everyone had a great attitude and there was lots of laughing and joking. When our arms were overloaded with stuff (not a shopping cart to be had at any price), DH agreed to take a stand in line while I continued to work down the list. He literally shuffled our mound of stuff along for about an hour and a half till it was finally our turn to check out.

Once we recovered from the shopping, DD & I got everything festively wrapped and tagged, then loaded it back in the car for delivery. Adopting a couple of needy individuals or a family has become one of our favorite family traditions, so we were especially glad DH started his new job in time to do so this year. What special traditions make it feel like Christmas for you?

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