Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 is gonna be great!

One of the Yahoogroups I belong to has a wonderful sense of fun and camaraderie. We gossip and sometimes share tidbits from our personal lives in addition to all the artsy/craftsy/funny stuff we make and swap. Several years ago someone began to say they were "sending mojo" to another member who was going through a difficult time. The phrase caught on and we now regularly pool our collective well-wishes, prayers, positive energy, etc. to any member who shares a need with the group.

Last year was a particularly tough one for many of our members with stuff like job losses, serious illnesses, injuries, freak accidents, and all sorts of mishaps and we began to joke about what might happen next. Things just kept on happening to one of us right after another so that, by the end of 2007, we were seriously fed up. Somebody jokingly said we needed to start lighting candles when we sent out our mojo and the idea clicked. So a group of us decided to art up some of those inexpensive religious candles from the grocery store and arm ourselves with maximum mojo-power, determined to have a much better new year.

The candle I bought somehow escaped from the compartmentalized trunk organizer I'd carefully placed it in at the grocery store and rolled out the minute I opened the hatchback, shattering to smithereens all over my garage floor. So I rummaged around until I came up with this old cylindrical vase from a past flower arrangement (thanks, hubs!)and arted it up, tongue in cheek all the while. Popped in a candle and I am ready for whatever life throws at me or my sisters of the list. (I didn't have enough letter tiles so spell out Our Lady of Pick on Somebody Else For a Change!)

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DH said...

You're right, it is going to be a great year! The demons of '07 tried to ruin your mojo candle and only ended up giving you a chance to make a more awesome candle (with obviously WAY more cool Mojo) than you started out with. That's my girl...light that sucker off and let the good times begin!