Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fundraiser Update

Wow, I am so excited to tell you that the proceeds so far from my "Starving Artist" sale to benefit my two girlfriends has already raised $326!!! In addition to the things purchased on my Etsy site, I've received donations of cash as well as more goodies to put up for sale.

I've added a couple new things since last weekend and will be adding quite a few more in the coming days so please check back often. And please send a link to other friends who might like to check out my stuff for sale or who would be interested in helping a couple of great women who are facing scary times.

Since I first shared my idea with you I've found out that one of my friends' homes has been foreclosed and she must soon vacate the property. She's not sure where to go and is considering moving to an uninsulated mobile home up north. In Michigan. Where the high today was 23 and the low was maybe 10.

I was so nervous to even attempt this, unsure if anybody even SEES my blog or if anyone would care about people they've never met at a time when so many people are facing hardships. I am so pleased and touched at the response. THANK YOU all who have helped out so far. My goal is now to raise $500 to be divided between these two special women. I'd like to be able to gift them by Valentine's day. I feel sure I can do it, with your help. Thanks for spreading the word. Blogland really IS a special place!

Scroll down to get to my Etsy store link on your right. Shop on!

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fun blog, Marilyn. Don't envy those snowy pictures though. Love living in SoCal! going to Knoxville for the 10th annual Camp--Crop-A-Lot. Can you come too? The weekend of the 22nd. Looking forward to seeing Zayn and crew.

Wishing you the best of success on your fund raiser.