Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh, Deer

About a mile from us there's a stately old home and barn on a large fenced acreage. It's bisected by a major street but has become a sort of defacto deer preserve and lots of folks stop their cars along the sides of the road in the early evenings to feed and watch them.

During the warmer months we sometimes ride our bikes over. When it's this cold and snowy, they're visible most all the time because they're constantly foraging. I stopped on the way home today. Odd to see so many small fawns this early (or late?) in the season. These are shots of both sides of the street. This is the biggest buck I've seen yet.

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Anonymous said...

My brother has many deer that visit his property near Crystal Lake, but we hardly ever see any bucks. He's a beauty. They all are.
And happy to see your pup can get out and about and have a little fun in the snow, too!