Friday, January 18, 2008

Shopping for a cause

Have you heard that times are tough here in the Detroit metro area? Tough is an understatement. We are so blessed that DH is working again and I only lack two semesters until graduation and will once again be employable. But I have two very dear friends in the area, both of them single 50-somethings, who are in danger of losing their homes due to prolonged unemployment and, in one case, disability. Did you know it takes an average of 24 months for a disability hearing? Both of these are talented art-friends and both are exceptionally generous so they are used to giving and sharing with others, not receiving. But things are growing desperate and I must find new ways to help.

I have just added several new pieces to my Etsy shop and will be adding more in the next week or two. I will divide the price of EVERYTHING (not including shipping) sold on my site between these two deserving women. So here's a way you can shop AND make a contribution to two single female artists in need. Because this is a private effort and I won't embarrass my friends by naming them, I have no way to provide proof so I'm asking you to trust me on this. I promise not to keep a cent for myself besides the shipping charge.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be willing to help out. There's a link to my Etsy shop on the lower right or just click on "Shopping for a cause" above. I will be adding more items over the next week or two so please check back, too. Thanks SO MUCH for your support! Buy handmade!

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