Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What a way to start a year!

I guess I officially have the flu. Yuck. Temp is 101, everything hurts, and my throat is just raw. Didn't get a lot of sleep because of the respiratory symptoms. And we had a winter storm blow in overnight. The official snow count for my town as of 8 a.m. is 15 inches and it's not done yet. (As always, click to enlarge.)

This is coming out of the garage to the back yard after my first shoveling foray (but after the sun came up). Darcy was a real trooper and launched herself into the chest-deep snow to go potty. She got out a few leaps and turned around, looking at me as if to ask, "If I squat and don't surface, will you come get me?" No leash needed today! She wanted to go back inside NOW.

This is looking out the patio door. I've left those hanging baskets out there because I noticed that tiny little birds will burrow in under the snow when it gets like this. Who knew birds made igloos?

This is the back deck. Once the sun came up, the winds started so now we're starting to see a little blowing and drifting. Hopefully the wind will blow it AWAY from the back door. I see that another 2 or 3 inches have already filled in where I shoveled this morning. Uncle! I give! Please stop already!

You know how they say the first 12 days of January will represent the weather of each of the months of the year? Please be wrong about January and February, please be wrong about January and February, please...

Hope things are much nicer where you are and that you're enjoying a restful (and healthy) New Year's holiday.

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Anonymous said...

marilyn....have a heart, you know i love your stuff. the doll you have in your epsy shop, reminds me of one i made for my husband for a gift years ago, i didnt think it was funny, until everyone laughed at it. it is a windchime, made from a tuna can, with nails for the feet....i still have it. hope to see you at miaba in march. im planning on going. ruth s or coffeecup105