Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Glad I took that call:-)

Caller ID, one of the small and underappreciated pleasures of life. I was sitting here slogging through a dull assignment for class when the phone rang and the display read "Caller Unknown". I normally don't answer those since they tend to be telemarketers or folks solicitating donations for various organizations but I picked up today because my sister's in the area on business and I thought it might be her.

I was delighted to hear a curator for the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center on the other end, telling me my assemblage doll called "Rooted in Literature" had been accepted for the Un-Shelved altered book exhibit! I'd stepped WAY outside my comfort zone to even submit anything and was totally prepared for a rejection, so this was actually a big surprise. The event runs Feb. 8-24 and you can go to for more information.

Now what in the world am I going to wear to the opening reception?


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Kim Rae Nugent said...

I am just blog hopping the sites posted on my art retreat site. Congratulations on your doll being accepted for the art exhibit but most of all congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone.
Warm regards,