Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Latest Fundraiser News

I mailed off checks to our two beneficiaries for $302.11 EACH...well beyond my goal! I got a very tearful phone call last night from one of the recipients. To say that she was touched and appreciative is an understatement. And the best part is, it was a complete surprise! She had no clue so that made it doubly fun.

My SINCEREST thanks go out to everyone who's made a purchase, donated cash, gift cards, or stuff for me to sell, and for all the encouraging messages and anxious inquiries. Because I know several people didn't have time to get something in, and because I still have a bunch of stuff in the Etsy shop, I'm going to continue the effort until further notice. PLEASE continue to send out links to my blog or shop and help me get the word out. I'll have a couple new things in the store soon, too...including a collaborative project!

I hope your Valentine's Day is a special one and that your heart is just aglow because you've helped brighten the day for two very special women.



Anonymous said...

Hey Marilyn!

Since you've decided to continue this fund raising effort, I took the chance to mention it in my blog. Hopefully this will send more people to your shop so you can help these ladies in an even bigger way.

You'll find the post at

Celebrating Jesus!
Tammy C

Anonymous said...

...wonderful news, Marilyn. Art-in-progress will soon head your way to help you continue this amazing effort.