Monday, March 24, 2008

Creating my own spring

Being in mid-remodel, the house is perpetually covered in dust so wiping everything down is an every second or third day job. While I was at it this morning, I decided to rotate out some knick knacks and create a new vignette on my beloved old pine hutch. Because we had another 3 inches of snow Friday and are expecting a few more tomorrow, it's still a long way from spring-like here in SE Michigan but I assembled a bunch of pretty things I can feast my eyes on when I can no longer bear the sight of snow.

Since I'm such a dunce at photography and therefore ended up with an enormous band of shadow across the top of the picture, I piddled around with effects in Paint Shop until I got it to look a bit better. This one is called Brush Stroke. (Click to fully appreciate the effect.) More of the fab roses from DD front and center.

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