Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm ba-ack!

Sorry to be AWOL for so long. This semester got really tough the past few weeks and Darcy the Wonderdog got seriously ill a couple days after Cece died. She had a horrible reaction to a sulfa antibiotic and it began to kill her liver and almost killed her. Thank heavens she's almost fully recovered now but, after a week in doggie intensive care, it'll be a long time before our wallet recovers.

I took my last final exam of the semester on Saturday morning and am *still* waiting for grades. Academic standing at the end of winter semester determines my graduation status in June so I'm really anxious to find out where I am. DD acheived a milestone of her own last week so we celebrated her success and the end of my semester with a trip to the mall (yuck!) and nice dinner out. After some dog-nursing and a few household things, I immediately tackled some overdue projects.

Job one was to total up the funds raised February 15-March 15, which came to $361. Checks are going out to our two beneficiaries this morning. I want to thank everyone who has made a purchase or donation and to let you know that both women have been surprised, touched, and extremely appreciative of our help. And I have some great news to friend who was injured was granted an expedited disability determination and was approved, so limited but regular funds should start to arrive within a month or two! This was a major answer to prayer so thanks to all you prayer warriors, too. The February check was also a Godsend to her because her car had gone out of commission the week before and she had no idea when or how she'd be able to finance repairs. The total cost was within $2 of last month's check so she's once again got transportation.

Then I started on some projects that need doing. Here's the fabric postcard I made for the Cyber Fyber exhibit.
This thing was a real bear to photograph and this is the best one I could get. I call this piece "World's Ugliest Necktie" since that's where the base fabric came from. A few years ago when DH got a promotion to management and was being transferred to the corporate headquarters, his coworkers presented him with an assortment of ties to wear in his new position. (The branch office was beyond casual so this was a very tongue-in-cheek gesture.) To say these ties were awful is an understatement. Most of them went in the bin a while back but this one was so ugly and yet oddly interesting. So yesterday it was disassembled and ironed flat, then examined for promising sections.

The uppermost rectangle is a piece of a clear plastic report cover, fused to a piece of dyed Tyvek. Then I cut it down and stitched on tiny beads, then attached it to the copper mesh panel using gold thread. It's uneven surface and metallic colors made the thing nearly impossible to photograph.

If you aren't aware of the Cyber Fyber project, go here:

I am trading for postcard #117, which I already received. It's fab and I'm excited to be a part of this project. Hopefully we'll be able to attend the show this fall. Nothing like seeing your own work hanging in a gallery exhibit to seriously make your day!

Now off to finish some more overdue projects, most involving home repairs and painting. But I promise to post pics of anything fun I find time for between semesters:-)

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gabbihope said...

Hi Marilyn, Great postcard for cyber fyber! :) the paper...went perfectly for my deco!!I linked your site to the entry now....take care, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your cat....made me cry! take care!!