Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Day!

Since DH has a presentation he must give at work Monday morning, he couldn't get home in time for Easter so it was just DD and me. She surprised me at the grocery store with this
bouquet of luscious bright pink roses so we set the table around their glory, using my great-grandmother's china and silver. To keep it from becoming too sweet or fussy I added some rustic Mexican glasses and a contemporary ceramic piece cast in a mold made from real leaves. Such a juicy green color! And, to keep the numbers odd, added my grandmother's old hand painted sugar bowl, probably by one of two spinster great-aunts called Duckie and Seal. (Most likely it was 'Cille but, to my young ears, they were then and always will be water creatures. I adored visits to their old house and wish I'd gotten to know them better.)

Hope you enjoyed a blessed Easter and were reminded of the promises of new life in Him who is risen and the annual wonder that is spring.

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