Monday, June 09, 2008

AWOL no more!

Greetings! Yes, it's really me. Sorry to have been away so long but life was happening in a big way lately. Now that I'm done with school (for the time being) and the first wave of major home renovations are nearing completion I can schedule many of my To-Do list tasks at my own convenience. One of those items is to get (and hopefully keep) the ol' blog up to speed, so keep an eye out for more posts in coming days.

We had a tornado touch down WAY too close yesterday afternoon, one of several that hit our area along with straight-line winds. We've been without power ever since so I am making this post from the public library, which has lights and computer access (there's a waiting list) but no A/C. Personally, I could go for 'puter and A/C with no lights but I guess those who've come for books might complain. We all have our priorities.

Guess we picked the right time (last week) to have our decrepit roof replaced. I had to collect a bunch of the neighbor's shingles from the yard last night. They estimate our winds were 75-80 mph for a brief period during the height of the storm and it rained buckets while the tornado sirens wailed on and on. Kidlet, doglet and I huddled in the basement until it passed and I've found no damage on our property so far.

Since my time allotment will end in 47 seconds I must close but I'll be back soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are safe, Marilyn! Scary, huh? Congratulations on graduating!! I am VERY proud of you going back to college! :)

Saw the blog comment you left me...thanks! I enjoyed making that postcard and wanted to cheer you up, so I am glad that you love it! :)

take care!