Sunday, June 22, 2008

I loves my electricity!

Well, it turned out that over 350,000 people in the metro area were without power from the storm I wrote about in my last post. Ours was restored after about 48 hours and we were among the most fortunate. Many had no electricity for a week or slightly more. Apparently the failures, brown-outs and surges we dealt with while crews worked to repair the lines did some damage to both the fridge and the air conditioner, as both are giving off warning signs and sounds.

So, this is a very good time to be experiencing unusually cool weather. I am trying to be thankful for the things that are working and remembering what a pain it was to schlep all my water in by the gallon for the two days the well was out of commission. I'm grateful that flooding is not a risk here and glad to have a variety of places I can go to sit out the hottest periods of the day. Poor doglet spends long hours lying on the cool (but hard) tile floor and is either panting or sleeping at all times. Took her to the lake the other evening and she didn't hesitate to plow into the chilly water.Since we didn't do much except this weekend except prime and paint the newly renovated master bath, here's my meager photo offering for this post. The afternoon sun made the colors of my freshly-washed produce fairly glow. In spite of high prices at the pump and grocery store we're still fortunate to have one of the best food supplies in the world and I guess we all take it for granted. Good to remember what a blessing it is.

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