Sunday, November 09, 2008

18th Birthday--Part I

Dear Daughter is home on a long-weekend pass to celebrate her momentous birthday. Friday afternoon we had lunch out and did some shopping. Enjoyed a quiet evening at home watching TV and roughousing with the doglet.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to have our hair done. DD got caramel highlights and had a good trim. The hairdresser straightened her curly locks with a flat iron, too. Then we were off to the DMV to get her a state ID. Here she is with her new do...

Then it was home to bake her birthday treat. Since she doesn't like cake and her favorite dessert is apple pie, we decided to buck tradition this year. Warm homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream is far better than a big fingerful of frosting (that's all she ever eats of a birthday cake) any 'ol day!

While the pie was baking we called Dad and put him on speakerphone so he could listen in while DD opened presents. He sent her the world's largest musical card, which she used to torment the dog all afternoon. That evening we filled our tummies with pot roast and pie, then watched the charming move Penelope by the fire while wet snowflakes and sleet fell. Happy day-before-your-birthday, daughter o' mine!

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