Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was a quiet Christmas here, for the most part. DH drove in during a "dry slot" on Saturday the 20th. We've been having record-breaking snow, ice, and winds for this time of year. We got a foot of new snow the day before he arrived.
Love the way Doglet's got her tongue stuck out in this picture. It's hard work romping through such deep snow!

DD was preoccupied with her new group home housemates and their activities and didn't spend much time here with us. So we had lots of free time to do as we pleased and just enjoy being together. We treated ourselves to some yummy soaps and candles during a post-holiday sale at our favorite shop, The Iron Grate, in Fenton. Sadly, they don't have a website and I didn't think to take my camera but it's a real treasure. Then we had lunch at The French Laundry, which has become a must-do every time DH is home. Trying to enjoy our favorite things here as much as possible until moving day eventually arrives. Thanks to DH and my MIL, I am now well stocked on terrific books and magazines to help get my creative juices flowing after the first of the year.
Darcy got a plush new bed to ease her arthritic aches and pains, especially the leg she broke last year. She's always happy to pose for a picture!

Hope Christmas brought you some moments of peaceful joy and time with those you love, too. It's so easy to become "holidazed", as my friend Pam Yee puts it. I mostly avoided the trap this year, trying to keep things modest and refusing to procrastinate (most of the time). We smoked a standing rib roast for Christmas dinner, which was delish and something we will definitely do again...but only when the weather's warmer. (It's tough to keep the temperature in the smoker high enough when it's this cold.) I baked less than usual this year since it was just us but made our traditional favorites, Wedding Cookies, as well as a new recipe for Cranberry-Almond Rugelach, and came up with a terrific Cranberry Mincemeat Pie by modifying the instructions on the mincemeat jar. There's a local church that does a wonderful Christmas Eve service, so we always attend theirs, since our regular church doesn't have a Christmas service. This year they had a full orchestra in addition to the choir and we enjoyed it very much.

As usual, I didn't think to take many pictures. One of my goals for 2009 so stay tuned!

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