Friday, February 27, 2009

The Big 5-0!

No, not The Big Birthday. Not yet. I'm celebrating reaching my long-sought, hard-fought goal of losing 50 pounds. I finally made it! This is me before. How embarrassing!
And here I am now, halfway to my 100 pound goal. I always feel better when I get the weight down but this time I'm actually feeling younger, not just better. That's a pretty good motivation to hang in there, even though it's re-al-ly slowww going since I am not dieting but trying to make permanent lifestyle changes.

I'm off to PA in the morning for a few days of househunting and to visit with the hubs. Hopefully I'll stick to my resolve and not gain any weight like I did last time.


ostritch said...

You are looking GREAT, Marilyn! Congrats & keep up the amazing effort - is this still the eating program of the lady with the funny quotes, etc.? You are radiant, inside & out - Vicky

Patrice said...

I am so proud of you baby sister. you are a true example of a shaker and mover. You truly inspire so many of us. We will have to go shopping in Pa. I here the shopping is great there. Maybe we can go to the Bahamas for a sunny beach experience so that you can show off that great body. Keep up the great works.

Krafting Karen said...

Big congrats!!! I just reached the 70 pound mark. Joined Weight Watchers 6-08. I still have 50 to go. Check out my blog. I stamp, but I also share meal tips and recipes.

Cheryl said...

You go girl!!!! Now share your tips with me because lately I am going the wrong direction! :-(