Friday, April 03, 2009

Farewell, Old Friends

Really enjoyed the ER retrospective and series finale last night. It managed to pay homage to many of the show's high points without becoming schmaltzy and even worked in a few nice surprises. And avoided any absurdities, like falling helicopters. Well, aside from the fact that the enormous Carter Center seemingly sprang up from the ground since last week's episode. Did I miss a prior reference to it during a bathroom break or was that a really awkward element? I understand that a plot device was needed to reassemble some of the older characters but this was a most unbelievable aspect. Carter's status-conscious parents wouldn't have been on hand for the dedication? And I won't even go into the whole absurdity that is Kem.

I've missed only a handful of episodes during its 15 year run, largely because of the incredible character development. And my addiction to medical dramas. Not medical melodramas, which are so abundant now. I've enjoyed the remarkable storytelling which included some seriously flawed characters, lots of thought-provoking subplots and ethical dilemmas, and the emotional impact of the show at its best moments. I can forgive the weaker moments (um, okay...seasons) because there always seemed to be a shining jewel or two worked in there somewhere. What show could run for 15 seasons without some duds? And the writers' ability to make me come to love a character I initially despised, like Archie. And to cry over the loss of an unlovable guy like Pratt. Mekhi Phifer really should have been nominated for an Emmy for that performance.

Thinking back to where I was 15 years ago when ER, how far we've come. It's been a treat keeping company with these folks and I'll really miss it. Thank you John Wells for a touching, satisfying, but not overly sentimental sendoff. I appreciate that you didn't wrap everything up in tidy little packages. Totally unnecessary since we've come to know these characters so well.

Boo, hiss to NBC for cramming their replacement shows down our throats the whole evening!

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mags said...

i signed in as a real person and it ate my comment!
i said i agree that i hate the new medical shows and in general i think you have to really dig to find some interesting inter-personal relationships that aren't all about sex.
I am glad when i hear how much you enjoyed it Marilyn. I think we need some outings in our lives -- to another place.
I'll bet you even know what alot of those words meant when they went into diagnose land.
hugs girlie