Friday, May 15, 2009

Icicles in Springtime

Made these icicle dolls for a swap on Bad Babies. I've finally realized that I only get things done when I have a deadline so the only way to keep myself from drying up creatively is to join a swap from time to time. Otherwise I'm always planning to play in the studio when I get my other stuff done, only I never seem to get it all done.

I am doing a little better about working in my journal and my first one's nearly full. The key to that's been making a point of trying out different techniques before I have a chance to forget, then incorporating those projects into the journal. It's gone from being something I make myself do to something I'm really starting to enjoy doing. It's my own 'art to keep', that doesn't have to please or measure up to anyone else and I try to slap the inner critic down as soon as she starts yapping.

That reminds me of one of my very favorite movie scenes, from the very terrible movie Bubble Boy. A cow is run over on the highway and a distraught Indian man woefully kneels down to lament the incident. When the kid makes a dismissive statement the guy declares, "I have transgressed against Shiva. Have you ever been karmically bitch-slapped by a six-armed goddess?" I've felt karmically bitch-slapped a time or two in my life. What doesn't kill us we might as well learn to laugh at!

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Anonymous said...

I love these! Your blog is really fun. . .what is the Juicy School?