Friday, June 12, 2009

Splish Splash

Darcy Blue the Wonderpooch LOVES to go to the lake (click to enlarge) so we set out the other morning while it was still cool and breezy and made the 2-mile walk. We had the place to ourselves, aside from a sprightly WWII vet who was launching his boat for the first time this season, on a quest for perch and bluegill. Not sure what a bluegill is so I need to do some research. I miss fishing.
While Darcy chased sticks and kept the geese at bay I strolled the shoreline and was very surprised to find this tree, freshly felled by what I'd guess to be a beaver. Only they're supposed to be very rare in this area and I've seen no sign of other beaver activity. I do, however, know of some beavers living in a small pond along I-75. I think.

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